The attainment of beauty,

Moments of splendor

That will linger for eternity.

An ancient and mystical ingredient, with modern and exclusive technologies

 Embellir Action

 Right after water (70%), proteins make the second most common component of the skin (27%). Skin Beauty highly depends on the quality of these proteins.

 EMBELLIR skin care products prevent the negative effects of ageing, UV rays and free radicals on the skin proteins synthesis, enabling the skin cells to optimally synthesizes skin proteins.

 Thus, the skin regenerative capacities are unaltered, and the skin keeps its hydration, elasticity and glow. Ageing signs are diminished, and their appearance is delayed.

 The main active component: Reishi

 Reishi is a mushroom specie from the Ganodermataceae family used since more than 2000 years in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicines.

 At the beginning of the 80 years, MENARD took an interest in the potential use of Reishi in cosmetic products formulation. MENARD researches end in 1986 with the launching of the first cosmetics line based on Reishi: the “global anti-ageing” EMBELLIR line.

 Extracts of black and red Reishi of this new Embellir generation are obtained by supercritical extraction, a process which makes possible to obtain pure extracts that are highly concentrated in active components.

 An oriental and mystical fragrance

Since its creation in 1986, the EMBELLIR line fragrance did not lose its charm in the eyes of many women who still hold it dear around the world.

Inspired by the Kyphi recipe, Menard combined the scents of Olibanum, Myrrh and other natural ingredients such as the rose essential oil, cherished by Cleopatra among many women, to create an “oriental and mystical” fragrance.

Myrrh: Burseraceae Commiphora extract

Olibanum: Burseraceae Boswellia extract

Bulgarian rose: a highly aromatic rose cultivated in the open air

 EMBELLIR Technologies

 Moisture Layer Emulsion

 Refresh Massage, Liquid, Day and Night Creams

 The Moisture Layer Emulsion is a complex created by Menard which replicates the characteristics of the skin intercellular lipids layer-structure. This complex enables gentle and pleasant feel on the skin even for rich cream textures. Besides, it leaves a protective film on the surface of the skin to maintain high hydration.

 Reishi Delivery Capsules

 Contained in all the EMBELLIR line products

MENARD developed a unique encapsulation technology to smoothly add oily components such as Reishi extracts to its skin care products. Created from bio-elements coated with pullulan, these capsules are highly compatible with the skin structure and thus able to penetrate the skin with ease to deliver the active components they contain.

 3D Body net membrane

 Washing Cream and Refresh Massage

We previously used a body net membrane to bring a feel of firmness and a fast penetration of the active components of the following skin care products. We densified the net mesh to better match the Reishi Delivery Capsules size thus making easier the capture of these capsules and the active components that they contain.



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