About Menard...


Menard presents the beauty of life and culture beyond cosmetics.
Menard is proud of its excellent research and development and goes on seeking Beauty.
Menard is expanding the "Beauty network" to the World.
Menard considers the social contribution through Beauty its mission and wishes to offer an enjoyable life to people.

Our company operates under five keywords that guide our daily work since the beginning :

Cultural Entreprise

Scientific Entreprise

International Entreprise

Enjoyable Entreprise

Human Entreprise

All people concerned with Menard are working together to reach common goals.

Since its establishment in November 1959, Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd., has involved itself in the concept of beauty, based on its corporate philosophy of "Seeking True Beauty".

Having developed a large number of cosmetics, health food products, jewelry and lingerie, the company has single-mindedly served "female beauty" through the sales of these products. The name Menard comes from the captivating goddess Maenad, who served the Greek god Dionysus (Bacchus in Latin), famous as the god of procreation and production, as well as the god of wine. Founder and current chairman Daisuke Nonogawa named the company himself.
Menard is also a French name, and its sound evokes images of France. As is still true today, when the company was established, France – and Paris in particular – had a very strong allure for its fashion and cosmetics. And the company has always provided its customers in Japan with a dream, based on the catchphrase "born in France and raised in Japan". There is an old Japanese saying which goes something like "go home in triumph". Through the advanced technology and strict quality control of Japan, our products, "born in France and raised in Japan", are used by people in countries around the world, including Japan and the "home" country of France, as well as other European countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the United States. And we continue our path as a company which proposes a "beautiful life".

Menard was classified as the 31st world cosmetic company by the magazine WWWD BEAUTY REPORT in 2004.

Since 2002, Menard is represented in Europe by Nippon Menard France SAS and since 2009, in Monaco to by Nippon Menard Monte Carlo.

The Menard Institute Paris is located in the prestigious Parisian "Rue de la Paix" but the brand is also present in famous department stores in France.

Each day is for Menard a new challenge to continue its expansion on the French and European market while maintaining the high quality of its distribution channels.

Menard Worldwide

Menard's priority is internationalisation in order to convey widely its lifestyle and the excellence of its products. Since 2004, distribution agreements have been contracted with Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Netherland, Ukraine, Kuwait and Vietnam.
The firm now exports its products in more than 31 countries.

To get the details of Menard's worldwide network:

Affiliated Companies :

Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd
Dariya Co., Ltd
Nonogawa Bussan Co., Ltd
Joallet Co., Ltd
Sun Menard Co., Ltd
Sun Field Co., Ltd
Menard Total Service Co., Ltd
Nonogawa Kougei Co., Ltd
Menard Land Co., Ltd
And more than 21 other companies...