Our calm interior, designed in dark colors, creates an atmosphere of harmony, peace and relaxation.
The enchanting sounds of nature awaken sensuality, make you feel calm and release creative energy.
The magical scent of Authent creates a calming atmosphere that balances mind and body.
Menard's aesthetic treatments provide maximum relaxation, which we provide through the effective use of our original cosmetic products and the careful use of hand-crafted techniques. Our aesthetic method, combining the results of modern research with traditional methods from both East and West, really relaxes your skin and mind, resulting in true beauty. At Menard, our joy and desire is to support women and help them shine throughout their lives.

During the procedures, you will be pampered with SHIATSU massage, unique face masks, head and hand massage, you will enjoy the unique effect of the vapazon steam procedure. You will enjoy the procedures in complete well-being - lying on satin sheets and covered with authentic Japanese towels.

Fragrant Japanese tea maintains body temperature balance, perfectly quenches thirst, gradually revealing its fabulous taste.

Menard quality products gently envelop, give the skin radiance, youth and beauty.

Japanese facial massage

60 min. 60 Euro

30 min. 30 Euro

For headache relief, calm and deep sleep, relieves stress and anxiety; psychoemotional and physical relaxation;

improvement of complexion, anti-aging, lifting effect, improvement of immunity and elimination of toxins.

Anti-Age treatment SARANARI

90 min. 90 Euro

The procedure improves blood circulation, regulates metabolism and moisturizes the skin, prevents skin problems: formation of wrinkles, dehydration, protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Anti-Age treatment Colax 

90 min. 80 Euro

A deep-acting anti-aging treatment with collagen.

Wrinkle smoothing; the elasticity and structure of the skin improves; improvement of facial oval tone; makes the skin velvety and glowing.

Anti-Age treatment Embellir

90 min. 100 Euro

An effective Anti-Age procedure that affects cell regeneration processes. Intensively restores the firmness and elasticity of the skin, smoothes and reduces wrinkles, saturates the skin with moisture and radiance.

Its effectiveness is achieved by the action of unique extracts of black and red Reishi mushrooms on the skin cells.

13+ and 18+

The procedure is especially recommended for problematic skin and against the acne.

60 min. 60 Euro

The beauty treatment is a special procedure for teenagers and adults with facial skin problems, it restores the moisture and lipid balance of the skin, soothes irritations and inflammations.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients protect the skin from acne. The procedure cleanses and soothes at the same time.

The gentle aroma of gardenia flowers is relaxing.

Facial treatment "Shine"

90 min. 80 Euro

Brightening procedure, delays aging processes. Evens out the skin tone of the face. Shirakami yeast extract intensively regulates melanin production and moisturizes the skin.

Encapsulated vitamin C lightens existing age spots, prevents the appearance of new pigmentation spots and freckles, stimulates skin cell renewal, improves metabolic processes, collagen and elastin synthesis.

Homme Menard

90 min. 66 Euro

This facial treatment is especially suitable for men's skin structure.
A caring and cleansing facial treatment. Improvement of skin metabolism, stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, strengthening of facial contours - fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

AUTHENT spa ritual
120 min. 168 Euro

Do you want to not only take care of your beauty, but also experience a lot of pleasant moments? We invite you to pamper yourself with a unique SPA ritual based on Japanese healing traditions and the latest cosmetic technologies.

A unique rejuvenating procedure promotes the renewal of facial skin cells.

As a result, immediately after the procedure, you will feel that the skin has become firmer, more flexible, smoother with an improved oval face contour.

The procedure uses a unique Authent Mask II mask, which has no analogues among skin rejuvenation products.

The mask is very effective due to the effect of plant extracts on the dermis cells, as well as a long-lasting effect up to 12 hours after the procedure.

During the ritual, a combination of Japanese massage techniques and beauty treatments are used to achieve maximum effect.

Eyebrow spa

Creating an eyebrow shape 

60 min. 28 Euro

Eyebrow correction and coloring

40 min. 18 Euro

Dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows

40 min. 18 Euro

Hand spa

with a paraffin bath

40 min. 26 Euro

Pleasantly warming procedure that makes hands soft and silky. In the procedure, the main attention is paid to hand massage, which is performed up to the elbows.

The procedure is especially suitable for the change of seasons and the cold period of the year, and is also very moisturizing for especially dry hand skin.

Hand peeling

Hand massage

Paraffin bath



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Herb Mask
Herb Mask
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