For a Now, when you look forward to every tomorrow.

A revolutionary cream that reveals new beauty each day, formulated for women who love the new version of themselves each new day brings.

Beauty that continues to rejuvenate.

That is the new common sense of beauty that your skin will experience. A revolutionary cream that unendingly rejuvenates new beauty.

As you continuously surpass your personal best, you face the future bravely and with confidence, blooming into a new version of beauty you never knew existed.

The name AUTHENT derives from the word "authentic," meaning "real." The "II" expresses MENARD firm intent to evolve. Ambient scenes dance mystically over the container designed to evoke the cradle of life and continual renewal for unfading beauty.

A symphony of Venus roses and seeds.

Our newly formulated Semi-Plena Rose Extract is extracted from the Old Rose named “Semi-Plena Rose”, representative of the Alba Rose group of white roses.

They are the roses said to be depicted in the famed Birth of Venus painting by Botticelli. Besides this new extract, an optimized production method condenses the power of sprouting and growth in the seeds of 3 plants already present in the first generation of AUTHENT.


Applying last technological breakthroughs to the study of stem cells allowed MENARD researchers to determine the living area of stem cells in the skin. They called this area “Stem Vital Area” as it is where stem cells can remain healthy.

Researchers noted significant changes in the Stem Vital Area between subjects in their 20s and 60s. MENARD observed that with ageing, the Stem Vital Area shrinks, and stem cells can no longer exist there.

In order to address this problem, MENARD research center developed the Semi-Plena Rose Extract which prevents adverse effects caused by UV rays and free radicals to expand the Stem Vital Area and thus maintain the number of stem cells.

In addition to this new extract, the three other AUTHENT extracts works on increasing the number of stem cells and stimulating their differentiation process into new dermal or epidermal cells, which respectively take part in the production of collagen and moisturizing components.

Sensations of evolution your skin has never known.

The AUTHENT dramatic experience begins the moment you touch it. A rich, smooth cream with a soft, melt-away texture.

Be enveloped in the joy of your womanhood expressed in elegant hints of aromatic rose, orange flower and violet.

As you smooth the cream over your skin, it feels like it is immediately absorbed and becomes one with the skin, reaching the skin evenly to deliver the luminosity and sparkle of flower petals.

Delicately approach the area under the eye and around the mouth for an appearance of lasting moisture and suppleness, delivering beautiful changes that day, the next, and into the future.