Moisturizing skincare for extreme firming effect

Colax, a pioneer regarding the protective powers of natural collagen, uses Activated Collagen and Energy up Collagen to boost instant absorption of collagen into the skin and to enhance the three functions of fibroblasts : generate, bundle and bind collagen. It works overnight to restore all the moisture and suppleness your skin needs.

Secrets of Colax – Active Ingredients

Deterioration of fibroblasts: the main cause of loose skin

The collagen -that controls the suppleness of the skin- is made by “fibroblasts" in the dermis. They have three functions to 1) generate collagen, 2) bundle collagen and 3) bind collagen. However, when the effectiveness of fibroblasts fades due to ultraviolet rays or aging, they do not generate sufficient collagen anymore, nor bundle or bind it efficiently. Therefore, the collagen produced by the skin becomes thin and inelastic. Consequently, the skin becomes less supple and elastic; wrinkles and sagging aspect start to appear, resulting in loosened skin.

Energy-Up Collagen takes those 3 approaches to repair deteriorated fibroblasts.

Energy-Up Collagen is a collagen that enhances the three functions of fibroblasts. Through treatment with special enzymes, it easily permeates the dermis and enhances the energy of deteriorated fibroblasts.

Total eye care focuses on the three major problems around the eyes, using the power of collagen, longan seed extract, and the moist-stretch component

Longan seed extract and the moist-stretch prevent deterioration of the orbicularis oculi muscles, dermis and dryness.