An intensive anti-aging mask for instantaneous results

Firming Ingredients

Shell Flower Leaf Extract: helps to rebuild new collagen within the skin, which pulls into a smooth surface, and maintains a constant level of hydration. Extracted from leaves of an Okinawa originated zingiberaceous plant, Shell Flower.

 Moisturizing Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid: quenches the skin with its high moisturizing effect and protects the skin from dehydration.

Jujube Extract: famous Chinese herbal medicine it triggers the skin hydration system while relieving the skin from dryness and roughness and plumping up skin cells for a smooth surface.

 Toning Ingredients

Peony Root Extract: extracted from peony (Paeoniaceae), it eliminates free radicals from the skin to decelerate skin aging and tones the skin with astringent effect.

Caffeine: breaks down fat and leaves the skin firm and smooth. Derived mainly from tea/black tea.