For a beautiful translucent skin

Fairlucent line uses a stable Vitamin C derivative (APM) that acts against stains and freckles. Vitamin C is used as a whitening ingredient that restrains the production of melanin and therefore prevents the appearance of stains or freckles.

Vitamin C is known as a nutrient that also exists in the human body. Though constantly consumed, Vitamin C cannot be produced by the cells. Therefore, the amount of Vitamin C in our body decreases unless it is supplied liberally. In order to maintain a fair complexion without pigmentation, it is necessary to provide plenty of Vitamin C to the skin.

Moreover, it is often used as a cosmetic ingredient thanks to its safety.

Menard added a specific ingredient to the Fairlucent products: the Shirakami yeast extract. Originally from the Shirakami mountains located in North Japan, the Shirakami yeast is traditionally used by bakers for the delicious taste it gives to their bread. Menard's scientific researchers noticed that the yeast also gives a wonderful light color to the bakers' hands. They therefore studied its whitening qualities and discovered its action on melanin production.