For serene and beautiful skin

Rich mellowness and sweet, fresh moisture. 

Relish the creamy texture and slip into a world where time passes at a leisurely pace. 

Feel joy the moment you experience the lustrous firmness. The story of your beauty begins now.

“SARANARI” means “even more beautiful”. An audacious technology for a serene and healthy-looking skin.

Unique ingredients:

Zymomonas Ferment Extract

This extract is taken from Zymomonas mobilis bacteria living in Century Plants, which grow wild in Central America, where UV rays are very agressive. It prevents photoaging of the skin and increases its ability to produce essential dermal components.

GL II Extract

This MENARD original anti-aging ingredient restrains the action of serine protease (an enzyme that decomposes dermal components) which appears when the skin is exposed to UV rays, and thus prevents the decomposition of dermal components.

Soluble Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid

These dermal components are lost with physical aging. Replenishing the skin with them maintains moisture 

and elasticity.